Gallery (Horror Art)

A collection of horror art/designs I've created over the years

Horror Art: 

Digital (Illustrator and Photoshop):

Tori Becky DoyonBecky Doyon AdamSurvival Becky DoyonLiving Dead Guys Becky DoyonLiving Dead Guys Becky Doyon
Tiny Terrors 3 Becky DoyonTiny Terrors 2 Becky DoyonTiny Terrors 1 Becky Doyon
Becky Doyon Scarecrow Becky Doyon Scarecrow 2Becky Doyon Wear a MaskBecky Doyon Wash Your HandsDon't Touch Your Face Becky DoyonDon't Touch Your Face 2 Becky DoyonEyes Wide Open Becky Doyon
3 Skulls by Becky Doyon3 Skulls (w/red) by Becky Doyon3 ZombiesZombie Teddy Bear by Becky DoyonCaution! Zombies! by Becky Doyon
Movie Inspired
Becky Doyon NosferatuThe Gil Man Becky DoyonWolfman Becky DoyonThe Mummy Becky DoyonFrankenstein Becky DoyonBride of Frankenstein Becky DoyonDracula Becky DoyonBram Stoker's Dracula Becky DoyonHouse on Haunted Hill Becky DoyonFreddy Krueger by Becky DoyonFreddy Krueger 2 by Becky DoyonJason Voorhees by Becky DoyonMichael Myers Becky DoyonHalloween 3 Becky DoyonFriday the 13th Becky DoyonPinhead by Becky DoyonFemale Cenobite Becky DoyonLeatherface Becky DoyonGhostface Becky DoyonScream Becky DoyonTall Man by Becky DoyonChucky by Becky DoyonGlenda Becky DoyonTiffany Becky DoyonPuppet Master by Becky DoyonAnnabelle by Becky DoyonThe Nun by Becky DoyonHouse of 1000 Corpses Becky DoyonBaby Firefly Becky DoyonMother Firefly Becky DoyonRocky Horror Picture Show Becky DoyonSaw Becky DoyonKrampus by Becky DoyonTrick r Treat Becky DoyonLaurie Becky DoyonAmy Peterson Becky DoyonThe Exorcist by Becky DoyonThe Pale Lady by Becky DoyonLily Mayflower Becky DoyonLin Shaye Becky DoyonBaby Jane Becky DoyonLucy Harbin Becky DoyonCarrie Becky DoyonAmerican Mary Becky DoyonDarling Becky DoyonSinister Becky DoyonLights Out Becky DoyonBecky Doyon MamaBlack Sunday Becky DoyonQueen Akasha Becky DoyonArt Becky DoyonCryptKeeper Becky DoyonBeetlejuice Becky DoyonJack Skellington Becky DoyonCreepshow by Becky DoyonAnnie Wilkes Becky DoyonBela Lugosi Becky DoyonVincent Price Becky DoyonVincent Price 2 Becky DoyonPennywise Becky DoyonPainted Doll Becky DoyonScorpion Becky DoyonDevil's Carnival by Becky DoyonDevil's Carnival by Becky DoyonDevil's Carnival by Becky DoyonDevil's Carnival by Becky Doyon
Sweeney Todd by Becky DoyonThe Lost by Becky DoyonFrankenstein by Becky DoyonDead Silence Becky DoyonTrick 'r Treat by Becky DoyonChoptop by Becky Doyon

Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery by Becky DoyonToy Story 4 by Becky DoyonOx by Becky Doyon

Disney Zombies:

Zombie Aladdin by Becky DoyonZombie Abu by Becky DoyonZombie Genie by Becky DoyonZombie Iago by Becky DoyonZombie Jafar by Becky DoyonZombie Jasmine by Becky DoyonZombie Olaf by Becky DoyonRafiki by Becky DoyonZombie Zazu by Becky Doyon

Traditional (Drawings and Paintings) 

Skull in Hands by Becky DoyonClown Doll by Becky DoyonReaper by Becky DoyonMedusa by Becky DoyonVampire by Becky DoyonFrank 'n Furter by Becky DoyonBloody Reaper by Becky DoyonJester by Becky DoyonTheater Masks by Becky DoyonSkull Still Life by Becky DoyonSkulls by Becky DoyonLeftovers by Becky DoyonCemetery by Becky DoyonUnconscious Fear by Becky Doyon

Music/Horror Crossover Art :


Digital (Illustrator and Photoshop):

Pat Benatar by Becky DoyonEmilie Autumn by Becky DoyonMetallica by Becky DoyonLiving Dead Girl Becky Doyon

Alice Cooper by Becky DoyonDee Snider by Becky Doyon

Avenged Sevenfold by Becky DoyonGerard Way by Becky DoyonRonnie Radke by Becky DoyonSkillet by Becky DoyonLordi by Becky DoyonTwisted Sister by Becky Doyon