I'm an artist from Winslow, Maine who creates mostly horror related art using both traditional and digital mediums. Most of my free design time is spent drawing, painting, or playing around in Photoshop with my latest horror related idea. I am inspired by horror movies, books, and artists. I like dark things, so I create dark things.

I've been designing in some way for seventeen years. I started out drawing cartoon characters, and then I moved on to pencil portraits. I'm mostly self taught, but I did learn how to improve on some things in school.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. My work (Leftovers) was exhibited at the Louvre in 2015. My work has been chosen to be featured in music videos and on various sites. My work has been nominated for and won awards. I've also had work exhibited in New York (5x) and Miami. I've been published in Blood Moon Rising magazine, and Clowngirl Horror magazine.

Gerard Way, Rob Zombie, Terrance Zdunich, Basil Gogos, Odilon Redon,
Richard Bosman, Edward Gorey, Tim Burton, and HR Giger