Work From Home Opportunities

I have personally worked all of these companies.
These are independent contractor jobs (they don't withhold taxes, so you're responsible for paying them at tax time). They're temporary. I've had jobs last anywhere from a few weeks-6 months. It all depends on the their need. Once your application is approved, you can apply for any project they have listed. You don't always hear back from every project, but applying for a project is usually just answering a couple of questions since they'll have all your info on file. I just apply for a bunch of them, and I usually hear back from a few. There's a variety of different projects, and pay is at least 11/hr (unless it's a micro job which will be stated in the description). It did take me a few months to hear back from them when I first applied 5 years ago. I'm not sure what the process looks like now though.
These are also independent contractor jobs, and like with Appen, communication can be slow. You just create an account and start applying for projects. Pay varies, and I'm not sure what the range is as I've only taken one job from them and work is sporadic.
This company is basically the same as the other 2 companies. Independent contractor stuff. This company can also be a bit slow with communication. I've only done 1 project with them because some of their projects are similar to Appen's projects, and you can't work them for both companies at the same time.
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