I've officially been selected into the Rome International Movie Awards! (January 2022)

Becky Doyon Lordi We're Not Bad for the Kids We're Worse Rome International Movie Awards Selection
My "We're Not Bad For The Kids...We're Worse" poster has been selected into the Rome International Movie Awards for November. It is up for Best Poster.

I won in July with my Pat Benatar poster for "You Better Run", in August with my Metallica poster for "Enter Sandman", in September with my Rob Zombie poster for "Living Dead Girl", in October with my Emilie Autumn poster for "Time For Tea", in November with my "Dead Silence" poster, in January with my "Frankenstein" poster, in March with my "The Lost" poster, in April with my U2 poster for "Vertigo", in August for my "Don't Touch Your Face" poster, in September with my "Don't Touch Your Face 2" poster, in October with my "Wash Your Hands" poster, and in December with my "Wear a Mask" poster.

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